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Explore all the different jobs and skills required to turn wind into energy

Not really sure how wind gets converted into energy? How and where can you actually create a wind farm? Explore different educational resources on wind energy and wind farm development in this section!

Sparking a conversation with others can help everyone learn more about climate change by sharing different perspectives, solutions and ideas. Climate change is a complex issue, with constantly evolving technologies, solutions and innovative ideas. That means there is no single FAQ you can visit to get up to speed, as new inventions and different approaches are

Find out how much carbon is required to support your lifestyle, and explore different ways to reduce your own carbon footprint. In the book, many of our everyday climate heroes talk about how they have adjusted their own lifestyle to be more climate-positive. This includes taking small steps to change their behaviour and curb the waste

Teach yourself about wind energy by building a wind turbine using simple materials and instructions at home. Wind turbines are gigantic - the newest models for offshore wind are almost as tall as the Eiffel Tower! While the mechanics and design of wind turbines may differ, depending on the model and the project site (high speeds,

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