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Sparking a conversation with others can help everyone learn more about climate change by sharing different perspectives, solutions and ideas.

Climate change is a complex issue, with constantly evolving technologies, solutions and innovative ideas. That means there is no single FAQ you can visit to get up to speed, as new inventions and different approaches are happening day to day. Even for those wind energy leaders featured in this book – the learning never stops! 

It’s also a scary issue. When people talk about global warming, icebergs melting and sea levels rising, it’s hard not to fear the worst and worry about how the planet will change during your own lifetime. “Climate anxiety” is now recognised as a real struggle faced by kids and adults when thinking about the risks of climate change.

What helps is starting a dialogue with others in your community, whether that means adults in your family, other kids at school or your wider online/offline network. Sharing, challenging and testing ideas can help to build your own critical thinking skills and shape your worldview. And it also means that you’re not alone in worrying about this issue.

So why not start a focused discussion on climate change and clean energy? We provide here a few “sparks” for discussion, or thought-provoking questions which can help to start a productive conversation. We don’t provide any suggested answers here (although some of the other resources and links in this section should help), as the element of discovery is all part of the learning journey!

Further resources:

  • What human activities are causing climate change? How is this affecting both humans and the natural world?
  • What is the “Greenhouse Effect” and how come global warming doesn’t always mean that the weather gets warmer?
  • Does climate change mean the world will end? What is happening in the oceans versus the mountains versus the jungles, and so on? 
  • What are fossil fuels and do we need to depend on them?
  • I think I have climate anxiety. What can I do about this?
  • A lot of kids around the world are going on a school strike? What effect is this having?
  • How can I use my skills and talents to fight climate change? 

Climate Outreach provides an evidence-based guide on talking about climate change with your family and friends.

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