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Working in renewable energy

Explore different careers in renewable energy, and learn what it’s like to support, build and work on a real wind project!

The book may have inspired you to think about what role you want to play in the clean energy revolution taking place around the world. Our everyday climate heroes are at the forefront of the mission to limit global warming and create clean energy to power our planet sustainably.

Renewable energy is one of the critical technologies which can help the world advance and meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

These include access to affordable and clean energy (SDG 7), the promotion of decent work and economic growth (SDG 8), building resilient infrastructure and fostering innovation (SDG 9), reducing inequalities (SDG 10), making cities inclusive and sustainable (SDG 11), taking urgent action to combat climate change (SDG 13) and more!

The renewable energy professionals featured in this book are all passionate about renewable energy – and agree that this is the most important quality for the next generation of clean energy leaders. There is a place for everyone in this growing industry:

Wind turbine technician engineer

If you have a head for heights and enjoy adventure and the outdoors, why not think about becoming a wind turbine technician engineer rather than a stunt actor on a film set?

Architect or engineer

If building complex exciting creations in Lego or Minecraft is more your thing, then becoming an architect or engineer could be a good fit.

Senior leader

Or do you prefer to argue and debate and come up with plans for action? If so, working as a senior leader of a wind project developer or in a political organisation on renewable energy could provide the perfect outlet for your ideas on renewable energy.

Whatever your hopes and desires for now and the future, take some time to explore different careers in wind and renewable energy. Learn what it’s like to support, build and work on a real wind project, and maybe you’ll find a role which fits your dreams and can help make the world a better place.

What is it like to work in renewable energy?

Hear firsthand what pioneers, inventors, engineers, analysis and others supporting wind and renewable energy think about their job.

In South Africa, we are very lucky to have lots of space and lots of wind, and so it is generally easy to get permission to put up wind turbines. When we need to convince people, we tell them about how good wind energy is for our country and our planet. We also make sure they understand that wind turbines do not harm nature.

Mercia Grimbeek Head of Project Development, Enertrag

Working in renewable energy is a really exciting way to do this because powering ourselves with renewable energy is complicated, and we're still trying to figure out how to do it. This is what motivates me - addressing climate change and solving complex problems!

Brian Denvir European Energy Markets Lead at Google

My job is to develop the best ways to use wind energy with the goal of protecting the environment, limiting climate change, producing green energy and improving human health and wellbeing. I love my job very much, and it is an important part of my life.

Dr. He Dexin Chair, China Wind Energy Association

My dream job was to become an astronaut until I attended a science class on sustainable energy. I was shocked when I learnt about fossil fuels and the pollution we are inflicting on our own planet. That was when I decided to contribute as much as I can to creating a clean and sustainable environment. My job is to study the wind conditions on sites where we want to build wind turbines.

Swarna Priya Natarajan Lead Engineer, Vestas India

As head of innovation for an engineering company, it is my job to uncover the best ideas to make wind energy as sustainable as possible. This means finding ways to keep costs down so everyone can have clean energy and to make sure wind turbines don’t have negative impacts on local animals and people.

Cian Desmond Head of Innovation, Gavin & Doherty Geosolutions

Europe is trying to be the first continent in the world to have no negative impact on the climate and the environment so we can all live safe, healthy lives. To achieve this goal we also need to make sure people have the skills needed to work in new renewable energy industries.

Aleksandra Tomczak Member of Cabinet of the Executive Vice President for European Green Deal, European Commission

The most interesting part of my job is when I am figuring out new solutions together with my team. In fact I have written it into the company’s description that we have to make climate solutions, we have to create jobs and we have to have fun!

Henrik Stiesdal Inventor and Founder, Stiesdal Offshore Technologies

Explore all the different jobs and skills required to turn wind into energy

Not really sure how wind gets converted into energy? How and where can you actually create a wind farm? Explore different educational resources on wind energy and wind farm development in this section!

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