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Take Action

Are you feeling inspired? Take climate action now!

What can you do to take positive action to protect our planet?

A wind farm can generate enough energy to power thousands of homes with clean, affordable electricity. But there are lots of ways, big and small, for each of us to contribute positively to the fight against climate change. The clean energy leaders in this book agree: It’s not just about what you do for a career, but how you create an impact with your surrounding environment, your friends and family and your wider network. 


We’ve collected a few ideas on how individuals can make a difference to use less energy, produce fewer carbon emissions and contribute to cleaner air and a greener planet. 


And whether you’re only just starting to think about your future job, or you’ve already picked the right track for you, you can also check out some videos, VR-ready tours and resources for wind energy careers in the Working in Wind Energy section here (LINK: Working in Wind Energy section).

I am sure we will soon see all types of waste being used in many interesting ways. I like the idea and practice of turning something that was going to be thrown away into a product that is useful and beautiful.

Jos de Krieger Architect, Superuse Studios

People care a lot about climate change, but the scale of the problem is so great that often they feel helpless and don’t see how they can make an impact. It is important to keep reminding people of all the things we can all do to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions.

Lucy Craig Vice President Technology and Innovation, DNV GL

I now try to live a life-style that is in tune with my job. I minimise the waste I produce and, in particular, take short showers so that I don’t waste water. I re-use my jam jars and plastic bags, and switch off all the lights in my house when I leave a room.

Toni Beukes Renewable Energy Sales Leader, GE Renewable Energy

I’m also very proud that my children care about the planet. My 13-year-old daughter is an environmental activist and my seven-year-old daughter is a vegetarian. My wife and I try to teach them about the importance of protecting the climate. I drive an electric car, which runs largely on the electricity generated by the solar panels on the roof of our house.

Balki Iyer Chief Commercial Officer, Eos Energy Storage

I love that I am working to improve the planet, to drive positive change, to make a difference in the world, and to build a better future for all children, including my own. That motivates me every day.

Mary Quaney Group CEO, Mainstream Renewable Power

Activation ideas

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